Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bicycling New Zealand: part 2 - Upside Down

The world can turn upside down, did you know that?  I've been staring at the moon, it's waxing gibbous in the opposite direction than I've seen my whole life. It's been creeping toward full, filling in to the right.  The sun moves right to left across the northern sky.  Water runs down the drain clockwise.  I've finally seen the Southern Cross, and Orion appears to be doing a cartwheel.  The night sky is quite a spectacle down here.

The tour had a sober beginning. A few nights ago in Auckland, we passed a blocks-long traffic accident. At the end of the scene, a white sheet covering a still body. We found out the next day that a cyclist had been hit by a truck and killed.
It's hard to explain the feelings that come after witnessing such tragedy. Fear, for one. Will I be killed as well? Will I watch Aimee get pulled under a truck? What happens when we die, anyway? Many of the songs on our new album revolve around the topic of well as true love, being true to self, and taking care of each other and the spaces we occupy.  But death has been on my mind, and it's been recently suggested to me that I should seek out a spiritual center, find some comfort in a higher power. I wonder, what spiritually grounds most of my friends? What do they think happens when we die? Why haven't I asked them? Am I being too macabre?

I ponder some of this as we cycle.  The cycling so far has been pretty great. Short days, less than 50k, with lots of beautiful rolling hills and only a little rain. We've played 2 incredible shows, explored a cave 60m underground while blackwater rafting, seen thousands of sheep (they all turn to look at us as we slowly creak by...we often call “whaaaaat are you staaaaaaring aaaat"), got sunburned, and had lots of laughs.  We've just completed a massive trek through the mountains from Lake Taupo to the Art Deco city of Napier.  We had a fantastic view of Mount Ngauruhoe (otherwise known as Mt. DOOM) as we cruised out of Taupo.  145k and 2 days later, we finished a steep 7k climb and finally descended into beautiful Napier, nestled at the edge of Hawkes Bay and the center of New Zealand wine country.  We've got some great shows lined up here, we'll report back on those soon.
I try and start each day feeling grateful for my life and all it's riches. When you see firsthand how quickly it can all end, it really brings urgency to the business of being happy, and kind. The world can turn upside down in a flash, you know?  Here's to enjoying these lives we have to the fullest.

~ Moe


  1. I love hearing about your adventure! We miss you both madly here, but it's wonderful to experience a little of your journey vicariously. xoxo, Katy Dierk and Trucker

  2. So jealous - Stay safe and don't forget to smile when pedaling up a big hill :-)